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Dhammapada – Verses 11 and 12

Dhammapada –  Verses 11 and 12  Asare saramatinosare casaradassinote saram nadhigacchantimicchasankappagocara. Verse 11 They take untruth for truth; they take truth for untruth; such persons can never arrive at the truth, for they hold wrong views. ******** Saranca sarato natvaasaranca adhigacchantite saram adhigacchantisammasankappagocara.  Verse 12 They take truth for truth; they take untruth for untruth;… Read More »

A Peaceful Heart

A Peaceful Heart The Buddha In India, the equivalent of “peace” is “shanti,” which means the state of inner tranquility. It also means the enlightened condition attained by Shakyamuni sometimes referred to as “nirvana.” With respect to the state of inner peace, a Buddhist text describes this as follows: “Tranquility of mind comes from having… Read More »